Over the years, the evolution of my vision of photography has mirrored my growth as a person. Certainly the skills necessary to produce good photographs have improved along with my ability to work in Photoshop; however, the most significant change in my work over the past decade+ must be attributed to personal maturing expressively and spiritually. These esoteric concepts may not be as obvious to the viewer as they are to me. I draw my guidance and hope from Jeremiah 29:11 and other Christian Scriptures. The goal in creating my art is not only for my fulfillment, but also to share it with others and hope that it brings them pleasure, peace, or information about areas they may not have seen.

As an active member of the photography aart scene, I am an original member of the PhotoArts Group and was its 2008 President; a member of Women in Creative Photography, Escondido Arts Partnership, and Museum of Photographic art. My work has been seen in galleries and and has been recognized with prestigious awards are various juried venues.

It is my passion is to continuously strive to see the world around me with new eyes and a fresh perspective. To capture a special moment and share it long after it has passed is a unique joy.

Mary Waring