We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” With this comment, Anais Nin offers an insightful comment on judging art, being affected by art, and enjoying art.
Art photography can appear deceptively simple. In reality, good photography is usually complex not by what the artist chose to capture, but more often in the manner it is portrayed. There many options and decisions a photographer must make before, during, and after the shutter is snapped. Some of these decisions are easier than others but all affect the final outcome of the mood and information that is conveyed.

Since my immersion into photography, there has been a passion to capture the essence and ambience of a location through the camera lens. The art of photography has enabled me to reveal not only the grand landscapes of an area, but the local soul as well.

May these images intrigue you, stir memories, or bring you fresh insight about the world around you. May you feel the rightness of the moment.

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